Run for Africa (2018): Supporting a New Education Paradigm in Liberia

As Runners and Fitness Enthusiasts for Good - TEAM FOR GOOD! - we’re committed to supporting the common and greater good – i.e. what’s good for the entire human species and not just our individual narrow interests. This year’s run supports a unique education concept for young women and girls of Liberia, The Liberia Institute for Girls – Todee (LIG).

Why are we running and walking on September 23rd to support the LIG concept? Because it’s a new model for educating young people in Liberia: It summons them to focus on challenges that matter—equity, poverty, environmental ecosystems, neighbors—and make these issues central to their academic inquiries and worldviews.

What’s unique about the LIG’s paradigm is that these concepts begin early in the learning process, at LIG Elementary (K-6 STEM academy). These aspiring young scientists will be taught the necessary skill for living and working together for the common good of the Todee region, Liberia and our beautiful blue little planet. Their classrooms will include science labs and playgrounds, the Du River banks and creeks, villages of the Todee region and Liberia, and inquiries into interesting places and people around the globe. We are excited to support the LIG project. Join us!

James Kerkula