Our Partners

The Liberia Institute for Girls - Todee (LIG) project has forged collaborative relationships with Liberian and international partners with diverse expertise, aimed at producing the best possible outcome for young women and girls, and the people of Todee. These partners include but not limited to:

Stevens College of Technology

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in Pennsylvania (USA) will provide site construction training to local Liberian LIG team members, help build the first building, and give long-term technical support to the project. Contact: Zoann Parker, PhD—VP of Stevens College & LIG’s board chair. Email: Parker@stevenscollege.edu


Cuttington University

Cuttington University and the LIG are forging long-term partnership, including providing initial office space for the project on Cuttington's Monrovia campus, assisting in identifying potential local LIG team members and managing in-country relationships, and helping to implement the LIG’s market garden, among others. Contact: Herman Browne, PhD—President of Cuttington University. Email: Herman_gblayon@yahoo.com


Board of Directors

  1. Zoann Parker, PhD - Chair: Parker@stevenscollege.edu

  2. Diana McCarthy-Bercury - Vice Chair: Diana@earthforwardgroup.com

  3. Monique Major, PhD - Member: Moniquemajor@gmail.com

  4. Ambassador Al-Hassan Conteh , PhD - Member: alconteh@yahoo.com

  5. Justma Kerkula, DVM student - Member: Justmakerkula@students.rossu.edu

  6. Alexander Jeffy, BA - Member: Ajeffy@ymail.com

  7. Alex Hansen, MA - Member: Ahhansen@brynmawr.edu

  8. Steven Akintoye, PhD - member: Sakintoye1@yahoo.com








Earth Forward Group

Earth Forward Groups in Connecticut (USA) conducted initial sustainability research for the LIG project, and has committed to long-term partnership with the project, including serving on the LIG’s board, fundraising and site construction, among needs. Contact: Diana McCarthy-Bercury—EFG’s Principal and LIG’s board member. Email: Diana@earthforwardgroup.com


Community capital advisors

Community Capital Advisors (CCA) is the lead partner of the LIG, coordinating various aspects of the project as assigned by the LIG’s board of directors. Contact: James Kerkula—Executive Director of CCA & LIG's project coordinator. Email: james.kerkula@communitycapitaladvisors.org.




The LIG’s board is responsible for providing overarching oversight for the LIG project. The Board will function as the primary decision-making and planning body for the project and serve as a point of contact for Community Capital Advisors, Earth Forward Group, Thaddeus Stevens College, Cuttington University, and potential partners of the project.  At an appropriate time, the board will begin the process of recruiting a team of administrators; and with consent of the board, the LIG’s administrators will hire teachers and support staff. This team will be referred to collectively as LIG personnel.


James Kerkula - a Pennsylvania resident, native of Todee District and executive director of Community Capital Advisors is interim coordinator of the LIG project. Steven Goba - paramount chief of Todee, the general town chief of Pleemu clan and other local Todee officials, as well as ordinary residents of the district are among a host of in-country partners.